The Happy Pantry Story




The concept of a Happy Pantry was born in San Diego, CA in 2009.  It all started with the classic dill pickle. Immersing completely into the world of microbial transformation, we discovered we could be inventive with our interpretation of fermentation. It wasn’t just the tiny universes of bacteria that fascinated…it was also the bold flavors and amazing health benefits only found in raw living foods. Happy Pantry was created on equal parts inspiration, passion, and grit. 


We began making pickles and selling at local farmers markets in 2010. We passed on the obsession to our customers. We kept experimenting with sauerkrauts and kimchis…and brought our favorites to the markets. We listened to our people and have been creatively producing ever since. The evolution to Kombucha and Kvass was natural and organic for us.  


Ten years later we remain inspired by the world of fermentation. We strive to maintain that same passion and want to share our creations with you. The core values of Happy Pantry will always remain true. Honest foods made by happy people. We buy organic, support local farmers and recycle.  We love what we do. It fills our souls with a richness of spirit. We hope this shines through in every jar and bottle we sell.