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Hi there! We are Mark and Rebekah Stogsdill, the husband and wife team that started Happy Pantry in 2010. We began by selling fermented pickles, sauerkrauts, tonics, and elixirs at local farmers markets. We saw something missing in the local food system and wanted to give our community access to the wonderfully delicious and incredibly healthy world of fermented products. 


As fermentation became more and more mainstream, health practitioners and wellness gurus alike started using a term that we hadn’t really heard before then: gut health. Ten years ago that was game changer for a lot of people that were experiencing different health related issues. We all learned as a collective that not only are fermented foods and beverages delicious, but they are also incredibly good for you.


Our beet kvass in particular became a crowd favorite and it has evolved into the staple of our business. Beet kvass is a raw living tonic that is packed with electrolytes, trace minerals, and billions of probiotics. It’s an amazing blood booster that detoxifies your liver and gallbladder. It’s perfect for a pre workout jump start or post workout for recovery. I like to enjoy mine in some fresh watermelon juice for an epic mocktail after a good sweat. Beet kvass is a natural vasodilator so your body will process oxygen at a higher level making you feel energized and mentally focused. Our kvass is never pasteurized and contains no sugar, vinegar, or caffeine. It is vegan, made with organic ingredients, and packed with natural enzymes and raw food ingredients. As a recovery aide it’s also a welcome relief if you indulged a bit too much the night before. Unleash your strength and vitality with a 4oz serving daily. Ancient wisdom to the rescue!


Demonic Tonic is our interpretation of an age old folk remedy known as Fire Cider. It’s a spicy vinegar based infusion made with healing roots, fruits, and botanicals, then mixed with raw local honey for a touch of sweetness. Created by herbalists hundreds of years ago, it was formulated to ward off winters chill and protect you from outside “evils”. A tablespoon a day for maintenance, more if you are feeling compromised. Also tastes great in sauces, soups, marinades, salad dressings, and cocktails. 

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